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Whether you have a new puppy, or an older dog with behavior problems,

We understand that new puppies can be both exciting and overwhelming 

and sometimes older dogs need help, too.

Phone consultations are now available at a very reasonable rate. While there are exceptions, it usually isnít necessary to see the puppyís home, or even to meet the puppy to answer some of the more common concerns.  A simple phone call may be all you need. 


 30 minutes - $15 (minimum charge)

60 minutes-  $25

*toll callers are responsible for long distance charges.


How it works: 

  • You prepay for the time you think you need (the minimum amount is $15).  You can pay with a check, Pay Pal Master Card or Visa.  If there are unused minutes (over the $15 minimum), you will receive a refund for unused minutes at the rate of $2 per every 5 minutes not used.

  • Once I receive your payment,  we schedule a convenient appointment time, usually within 1-3 biz days of  receipt of your payment.  You can cancel your appointment at no charge as long as I am notified by the previous business day (M-F 10 am-4 pm).  (Cancellations the same day receive a credit only towards a new telephone consultation and are not eligible for  a refund. ) 
  • At the appointed time, either I can call you or you will call me on my private line and speak into the answer machine.  When I know itís you, I will pick up and we can begin our consultation.   

  • Please Note:  Some behavior problems (such as adult dog aggression) cannot be addressed  via phone consultations.   If you are unsure, please email me at puppyschool@caninedevelopment.com before signing up. 

Before you sign up:

  • While it is not necessary, it is recommended that you fill out the questionnaire. Having these questions answered in advance will save valuable time.  If you choose to skip the questionnaire, I may still need to ask the questions during the phone time.
  • Please visit my website and check out the Articles Page.  It is jam packed with free advice on many subjects relevant to new puppy owners.  It may be that you donít need a consultation after all, however, if the information provided for free does not answer your questions, then itís time to sign up for a phone consultation!

Before you call:

  • Make sure you have your questions ready in advance.
  • If there was an article on the website regarding the topics you would like to discuss, it can be helpful and save time to read those before you call.
  • Make sure you have a clock or timer available so you can remain aware of the time.  It can go VERY quickly.


Sign up on line click here