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Important announcement to all visitors!

After 30 years, I have retired.

Due to health concerns, I closed Canine Learning Center in March of 2008.

  This website will remain open as a resource so that I can continue to offer help through articles

and occasional phone consultations.

If you have a new puppy, PLEASE Visit my New Puppy Page for some helpful tips and navigation around my site.


If you would like to locate a trainer in your area, I recommend you first read my article called Selecting the Right Program and Trainer for You and then visit for a list of trainers in your area.


If you still need to contact me, please visit the Contact Us page for current contact information.


Phone Consultations 

Phone consultations are great for owners with puppies or young dogs with minor behavior problems (for example: housebreaking, chewing, puppy biting) I'm sorry, but fear and aggression problems cannot be addressed over the phone.  There is  a need for a service  that will provide new puppy owners with the detailed answers that they need and deserve.  Phone consultations are inexpensive and can get you through the period where your puppy is too young to come to class.   Cost is as little as $15/half hour!  To find out more or to sign up, please click here.


For more information on Selecting the Right Program and Trainer for You, click here