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Policies and Procedures:

1.     Toll callers will be responsible for long distance charges and you will be asked to call me at a designated phone number.

2.    Your appointment begins at the designated appointment time whether or not you are there when I call (or in the case of long distance, if you do not call on time).  If you are not there, I will continue to call every five minutes for the first fifteen minutes only.  The missed time cannot be made up (it is not fair to the next appointment following yours).  For example, if you are 5 minutes late with your call, you will lose that time but still be responsible for the full charge for your scheduled time.

3.     If there is a problem on my end that delays the call, you will not be penalized and you will receive your allotted time in full.

4.    You can cancel your appointment for a full refund as long as we are notified by the last business day (M-F 10-4 pm) prior to your appointment.  Cancellations the same day receive credit only towards a new telephone consultation and cannot be issued a refund.  If I need to reschedule on short notice, you will receive your rescheduled consultation for half price.

5.     Cost: 30 minutes - $15 (min. charge),/   60 minutes - $25

6.    If there are unused minutes (over the 30 minute minimum), you will receive a refund $2 for every  5 minutes not used. Refunds are for unused minutes only.  

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