Canine Learning Center, Inc.
Puppy Do's and Don'ts

Doís and Doníts While Waiting for Puppy Class

I often get questions from puppy owners about what to do until they get to puppy class.  Our puppy class covers all the puppy behaviors from housebreaking to biting and then some, but I can give you a few doís and doníts to get you started.  These tips may or may not be the actual training techniques that will be taught in class.  They also may or may not be exactly what your individual dog needs.  But the Doís will do no harm and the Doníts should be avoided at all costs.  Hopefully, some of these tips will keep you going until I can meet you and your puppy in class. 

In addition, you may wish to consider our Phone Consultation Service while you are waiting or you may wish to schedule a private lesson at our regular rates.



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