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Maggie is a 17 month old Red Tick Coon Hound Mix, who is extremely active and loves to chase squirrels, birds, and yes, even my 3 cats.  She has managed to test my patience during her first year with me.  My sister could hear the frustration in my voice and recommended Leah Spitzer.  She thought I should give obedience training a try as I certainly had nothing to lose and everything to gain.     I had no idea that in just 6 short weeks,  Maggie would become a much better companion.   She is very energetic and extremely fast on her feet.  Surprisingly so as she was diagnosed with MLP - Medial Luxated Patella.  I advised Leah about this condition, and she knew exactly what it was and  made some changes in how I could train Maggie and not injure her leg at all.  Needless to say, with the hour long classes and plenty of homework, I have a much more manageable friend, companion, dog.  We still have some work to do as she still loves to "play with the cats" that she lives with; but now that I have the Bare Basics training experience, I can continue to work towards living in a peaceful house with my dearest 4 legged family.  Thank you Leah for all that you have done.  Sincerely, Carol Lowry 8/07
I wanted to thank Leah so very much for offering training. Originally, I was hesitant because I didn't think my dog would need training or the little training she did need, I figured I could do it myself. Not So! I was referred by my vet and I decided why not? So I decided to go through puppy class. Class was great and you realize that the more you practice the better. In a way you and the dog are getting trained. Since going through Puppy Kindergarten and Bare Basics, I have noticed a transition in my little dog. My friends come over and expect to find this 3 lb dog growling at them, nipping at there feet, jumping all over the furniture, etc. They are all amazed at how well behaved she is. She has to ask permission to come onto the couch, the little things, I get the leash out for a walk and she's pretty much sitting at the door waiting for me! Thank you so very much for a well structure class. Megan Barnes & Macy 6/07

If you are considering training your dog with Leah, do it...she is amazingly awesome! She literally saved our dog’s life! We were first referred to Leah by our vet when our dog, Bingo,  snapped at our daughter. When I got in touch with  her, I worried about his fate, but my children come first. We had several private sessions and we were able to find a solution.    I was so relieved!!  Leah then recommended that I take him through an obedience class. We enrolled in Bare Basics followed with Bare Basics II and it made a huge difference! The classes really deepened our bond. The classes were fun and Bingo loved the extra attention!! The lessons never felt like homework, just quality time with Bingo. He always got very  excited when it was time to get in the van and “go to school’.   Leah’s way is very exact, precise and clear, and the dogs seem to “get it” very quickly! What she tells you to do, works!! I thought our dog was trained; he would sit, lie down, come when called (mostly), shake hands and he was housebroken, but there was more to it. Leah helped me take our  good dog and turn him into a great dog, and I am very grateful! Thanks to Leah, we had another five years with him we might not have had.  I have  learned that dogs make much better family members when they are trained.  We lost Bingo to illness very abruptly this past December; We were all devastated! At the end of March we acquired a golden retriever puppy and I can’t wait to start Puppy Kindergarten!.! Little Cooper doesn’t know it yet, but .we are going on to Bare Basics I and II. Linda Scott 4/07

Dora attended all 3 of the classes that Leah offers from the time she was 3 mos. until she was 8 mos. old.   I believe we have taken advantage of most every service Leah offers including the board and trains and private lessons.  I have to say that I didn’t realize how much a puppy was able to learn at such a young age and I learned right along with her!  The momentum we gained from Puppy Kindergarten propelled us directly into Bare Basics and then directly into Bare Basics 2.  A few of us "die-hards" have talked Leah into creating a new class, so we (and our dogs) can continue to learn.  My advice:  Start training your dog when it is as young as 3 months!  You will be amazed at how quickly they can learn (as long as you do your class homework. . .which is probably the most FUN homework you will ever do!)   -- Gina Murphy 4/07
When we adopted our sweet puppy Bella, we found ourselves in a challenging position.  Leah came highly recommended by our vet, Dr. Ray Caughman.  We attended Leah's Puppy Kindergarten, and followed up with the Bare Basics class.  As newcomers to formal dog training, it was amazing to see what can be accomplished with the superior knowledge and experience that Leah has.  Even in a classroom  environment, she is able to assess and analyze each dog and owner, and address individual needs when called for.  Bella had special issues, and so did I!   Leah was persistent and patient in addressing both of our needs, so that I could learn the correct way to train my dog.  Between classes, we needed to board Bella for a short time, and took advantage of Leah's Board and Train program.  When we returned from our trip, instead of finding a stressed out pet who had been left in a kennel, we found a happy dog who was better behaved than when we left her.  As a result, an already beloved dog is a happier, more balanced dog because we know better how to interact with her.  We have more work to do, and look forward to Bare Basics II...classes are really fun!  I am witness to the fact that Leah can get you and your dog over seemingly insurmountable humps.  Thanks, Leah  ....Letha Mooney 02/07
Molly Stjames (resized).jpg (42968 bytes)

Molly  Brown (The Unsinkable) - My husband John and I want to express how impressed and satisfied we are with your personal and group training.  Molly is our year old Yorkshire terrier who thinks she is a Great Dane.   Because of her size we were cautious of her training and contributed to her ‘Big Dawg’ attitude.   Suwanee Animal Hospital recommended your training methods and during our first consultation, I quickly knew why.  We are first time pet-parents and your approach was to train us as well as Molly. I was a harder student to train than Molly!!   Thank you for your experience, patience and encouragement.   Molly has turned out to be the perfect first time dog for us and that is because of your help!!  J. John & Mercy St. James 10/06

Rufus Reilly (resized).jpg (57832 bytes) I had to share Rufus'  6 month visit to the vet last Friday. Before (we came to you),  he would sit in my lap and shiver and tremble. He would have ears back, tail tucked and eyes wide when they examined him. Friday he jumped in my lap.  He ended up walking around the room sniffing and listening to everything going on around him. When the vet and the assistant came in I put Rufus on the table (which he didn't care for because its small and high and slippery). He let the assistant hold him, I stood at his head, and he was fine while the vet examined him.  He even let the vet give him a treat when it was over. When Rufus got down onto the floor we even got a tail wag. I'm so happy with all the changes in Rufus. I have noticed so many positive changes in Rufus but this is major!! Thank you so much for all your helpful hints and things to work on with him! You have made life much easier in the Reilly household!  Sincerely, Daphne Reilly Oct '06

MaggieWydock2 (format change to JPEG High Quality).jpg (35539 bytes)Maggie  - Thank you, Leah, for all your help with Maggie! Having two young kids and grandparents that like polite dogs when they visit, we knew our young, energetic puppy would need some help! So we started Maggie a year ago with your puppy kindergarten and followed through with Bare Basics I and II. We have been delighted at the techniques you have taught us to help her progress! I was happy to see that you offered "Board and Trains," too, so I thought it might just give her the extra edge she needed while we were on vacation to overcome some minor behavioral issues that I just couldn't seem to get done. Boy did we see a difference on several commands after a week! Not only did she have someone to play with while we were away, but she also is much more responsive to commands. Thanks for all your hard work with   Maggie!     Marybeth Wydock (June 2006)

Franklin West.jpg (32864 bytes)Franklin  -  My golden, Franklin and I first attended your school back in June of 2004. I attended puppy kindergarten through Bare Basic II. I wanted to just send you an email to say thank you. I was sitting down the other morning drinking a cup of coffee and you came to mind.   Franklin is now on two vitamins once a day and ear drops for allergies twice a day.  One of the vitamins he has to swallow and he never gives me any trouble taking it. Then I tell him to go lay down  time for ear drops.  (because of sit, down, and flat I am able to do this all though I don't have to say this anymore he knows the routine). Then it's time to flip over to the other side. I tell him to switch and he does.  Franklin is so good with my four month old, Kylie. We have taught him not to go into the nursery. If the door bell rings he barks (the only time that he will bark) and runs to look for her. I'm teaching him only to lick her toes. He is doing well with this every once in awhile he has a slip up but for the most part he is catching on. He will not walk on her blankets he walks around them. He may pick up our socks if we leave them on the floor but he will not pick up one of my daughters toys.  

I  believe that your classes helped Franklin turn out like this. He may not be a show dog but he is a great member of our family. The staff at the veterinary office just love him!! They always brag at how loving and well behaved he is. He falls asleep when they're trimming his nails!  I just wanted to say thank you. I know a lot of a dog's up bringing has to do with the owners. Taking your class and seeing how serious you are about what you do and see you interact with your own dogs made me want to go from puppy kindergarten to Bare Basic I and so forth.... You helped guide me to have one of the most loving and well behaved golden retrievers.  Thank you again---Christine West  July '06

Leah, I took Cooper, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, through your puppy and (Bare Basics) classes a few years ago. I am so glad I took these classes and feel strongly that even seasoned people could use them.  I walk Cooper and his sister (with one hand) and rarely have any pulling.  If I see another dog, cat, squirrel before they do, they are put in the sit position until whatever it is passes.   I am forever recommending you to all who compliment me on Cooper's manners.

On a side note, my neighbor was watching Cooper and his half sister while I was out of town.  She lives across the street and heard him crying after she had tended to them.  When she went back over to my house to see what was wrong, it seems as though the wind had blown my front door open and Cooper was sitting there waiting for the command to release him (free dog).  I thought you might like to hear a success story.  thank you again., Carole Whiteside June '06

When we got Buster, everyone told us that he was going to be BIG (our vet predicted 50 to 75 lbs) so I decided that I’d better get him some obedience training.  I asked my vet for recommendations, and he immediately said, “Leah Spitzer”.  My precious Buster was a HORROR in his first puppy class!  He was so excited to see the other puppies, and he wanted so badly to play with them, that he whined and pulled on his leash, for the first part of the hour.  Then Leah taught me the “Settle” technique.  By the end of the hour, Buster was (mostly) settled, with my foot firmly on his leash, keeping him in one spot.  It took a week of working on “settle” a home, and Buster finally “got it”. Buster learned (his lessons) quickly and I really enjoyed teaching him his new activities each week.  He could barely wait to get out of the car each week when he recognized that we were at “doggie school”. Buster recently graduated from Bare Basics 1, and it is remarkable what a changed dog he is.  He now sits quietly in class, follows directions well, and learns more and more each week.  Now that he’s topped 50 lbs, I am especially glad that I didn’t let him become an out of control dog.  Buster and I are looking forward to taking Bare Basics 2.  Diane DaPonte 6/06

AprilandBowie-1 (Altered, Lighting).jpg (29873 bytes)Bowie - We would love to thank you, Leah, for helping Bowie become a part of our family.  We got Bowie when my twin boys were 2 and a half.  We had to keep Bowie separate from them much of the day because he would get a little too crazy. After going through Puppy Kindergarten and Bare Basics, he is able to play with the boys and stay around the family as much as he wants. The commands that he learned have stuck with him and we all use them whenever needed.

Thanks for all the hard work and caring that you put into your classes!  April Coston and Bowie 2/28/06

Jeannie Briggs (format change to JPEG High Quality).jpg (46567 bytes)I have had dogs in my family all my life, but had never taken one to a training class. Our dogs, needless to say, ran the household. When we got Cricket, she was approximately 2 years old,  a runaway,  living in a foster home. Our children at the time were 5 and 8 and this was their first dog experience. Cricket, while a sweet dog in general, took to growling at the kids sometimes, going to the bathroom in out of the way rooms, not coming when called, and on walks would pull the leash. My friend had also just gotten a dog and was having some of the same problems. She had heard about Leah and Canine Learning Center and asked if I wanted to sign up and I did. It was the best experience. I learned for the first time that it was a two way street in that I needed to learn as much about Cricket as she needed to learn from me. The Bare Basics class we took changed Cricket dramatically. By the end of the six weeks, she no longer was doing any of the behaviors that we didn't like and was beginning to be everything we had hoped she would be. We have just acquired a terrier mix puppy and I am signing us up for the Kindergarten Puppy class. Thanks Leah and Canine Learning Center!

Jeannie Briggs 2/4/06

Rosco Smith.JPG (323548 bytes)Rosco - Simon, Rosco, and I wanted to send a special THANKS to Leah Spitzer and Canine Learning Center for everything they have taught us.


Since Rosco was just over 4 months old when classes started, we enrolled him into the Kindergarten Puppy Class. I have raised several puppies in my life, but this was my first time I took a structured training program, and it was worth every moment of it. This short six week program was packed full of valuable and practical information.


We would definitely recommend Leah’s training classes to any dog owner. Because we were so pleased with Rosco’s change in his behaviors, we decided to sign up for the Bare Basics I class. We truly think the puppy training classes has help Rosco become a better puppy and made us better dog owners.


Simon, Priscilla, & Rosco (Smith) 7/05

Mojo Major win Aug 2005 (format change to JPEG High Quality).jpg (53063 bytes)Mojo is now: Ch. Melkev's Designed with Mojo. Mojo won 3 Majors and finished his championship by the end of summer. Your puppy and obedience training gave him the foundation to make it all possible. Best of all, Mojo is a joy to be around. I recommend your classes to everyone who gets a puppy. I thought that you might enjoy seeing the results of all of your help.

Thank you again, Steven C.McCrae  11/15/05

Millie Head2 (format change to JPEG High Quality).jpg (115854 bytes)Milly - Good afternoon!  I just wanted to  take a minute and thank you for what you did for my dog and me two years ago.  I brought Milly to you shortly after I got her.  When I tried to return Milly to animal control because of her aggression problems, they were going to put her to sleep. Needless to say, I walked out of there still owning an aggressive dog.  We did a few sessions with you as well as a class.  I cannot tell you how different Milly is today.  She has become such a sweet, happy dog!  She bounces when walking and can't stop wagging her tail when talked to.  Milly still likes to take my shoes and curl up with them, but she happily gives them back now instead of guarding and  growling!  Thank you so much for helping Milly!!!  
                                                              Have a wonderful holiday season,    Christa Head  12/05  (Milly's on the Right)

Alex Horton (format change to JPEG High Quality) (Copy 1).jpg (45388 bytes)Alex (a female Boston Terrier) is our first "family" dog, and we wanted to make sure that her integration into our household would be as smooth as possible.  We have 5 and 6 year old boys who we also wanted to enjoy their new family member.  We knew that a well behaved dog would be a happier dog, and that a happier dog would mean a happier family!  We started Leah's Kindergarten Puppy Training class when Alex was 5 months old, and we never missed a week.  Every week was full of invaluable information, and Alex really enjoyed the time spent with the other dogs and with Leah.  Leah (in our house, known as the "dog whisperer") amazingly seemed to bond quickly with every puppy in the class, regardless of the size or breed of the dog.  She could get Alex to pay attention and perform tasks (sit, down, stand, come, and many others) in a way that looked effortless.  She was a patient and kind teacher for both Alex and me.  We enjoyed the puppy class so much that we signed up for Leah's "Bare Basics" class.  Again, we plan not to miss a single class for fear of missing out on any of Leah's expert advice.   the Horton family (Heather, Kevin, Luke, Spencer and Alex), 7/05

Dear Leah,


This has truly been a learning experience for Tina Maria and myself. We thank you for your

patience, guidance and support through Puppy Kindergarten and Bare Basics. We look forward to continuing our education with your help.


Tina Maria and Nina Wilbanks, 7/05

April Meeks.JPG (39665 bytes)Training for our labradoodle, April,  has proven to be incredibly beneficial. We cannot praise Leah Spitzer enough. She has shown us what is possible and with time and a little work April can become a well-behaved family member. Our thanks to Leah.

Deborah Meeks and Paul Lengsavath 7/05

Lucky Broom (resized).jpg (8364 bytes)Our family received Lucky from a friend about a year and a half ago.  Although, Lucky seemed happy to be with us, she started nipping at my two boys (ages 9 and 6 at the time), refusing to come, running away and some urinating in the house.  Things were quickly getting out of control with Lucky.  As the primary caregiver for the dog, I was at a loss.  I had never owned a dog so I was pitifully unprepared to deal with Lucky's behavior problems.  A friend recommended Canine Learning Center and Leah Spitzer.  I took Lucky to see Leah and came away from the first private lesson feeling so much confidence in Lucky's ability to assimilate into our family.  Leah was wonderful pointing out how we, as a family, needed to make a commitment to Lucky's training.  Lucky went on to graduate from Basic Manners and Intermediate Manners.  Leah was so helpful and supportive through the whole process.  I truly believe in her commitment to help families incorporate their canine friends into their homes in positive and loving ways.  Lucky has been such a blessing to us!  I am so thankful to Leah and Canine Learning Center for being there to teach us about our dog and to teach our dog about us!          

    Donna Broom 4/19/02

Callie Moore.JPG (102029 bytes)Callie - I'm back from the ASCA (dog) show in Knoxville this weekend. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how the girls did!! If I didn't have the Conformation bug before . . . . I am afraid I do now!!!! (Callie took Reserve Winners Bitch both days!)  Not bad for her first time in the ring with me. On Saturday, I noticed Callie in a perfect Down Stay, stretched out like a Sphinx with a sparkle in her eye, and a huge grin on her face. I whispered "Get up from there!" She did and went straight into her "Take a Bow". I got so tickled at her that I forgot to be nervous. What a charge it is to see Miss Callie having fun and doing what she was always meant to do.  Leah, I can't thank you enough for all the help you've been to us. I can honestly say that Callie couldn't have even been on site a year ago without causing a ruckus. She was perfectly behaved the entire time. I was soooooo proud of her. Everyone who knows the road she's been down is very happy for us both. It is super to see her on the road to reaching her full potential. We couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!.....Kay Moore  9/04

Bucky Henry (Cropped).png (305117 bytes)Bucky - When we adopted Bucky from the Humane Society of Hall County, he had "0" self-control. Not only did he bite and jump on everyone, he could not manage to even make eye contact or listen to commands. Some people would say he was an aggressive, hostile dog. Since he was a Rottweiller - Lab mix, this was particularly disturbing and could have eventually proved dangerous. Unfortunately, we had been instructed by another trainer to use negative techniques such as an "Alpha - Roll" and negative "staring" eye contact. When these methods were tried with Bucky, he only became more aggressive and uncontrollable Then a friend told us about Leah and her method of positive instruction and we were hopeful. Leah assisted us in learning methods in which we could relate to Bucky as his leaders. Bucky learned that we were people he could trust to take care of him and guide him into that much needed self-control. It was not always easy, and we took our time, learning at our own pace.  Bucky has successfully completed Puppy Kindergarten, Bare Basics I, and Bare Basics II. There is no doubt that he is a much happier, more secure dog, and that we are a much happier family as a result. Bucky will be a year old in October and we are looking forward to the years of joy we know he will bring to our lives. Even though it sounds like a cliché, I can honestly say that we would never have made it to this point if it had not been for Leah Spitzer’s Canine Learning Center. Thank you so much.    Richard, Phoebe, and Bucky  10/03   Update 12/05  Richard reports that Bucky is still doing great!

Lucy Atkinson (resized).png (398911 bytes)Lucy Thank you for all you have done - I am very grateful that you have come into my families' lives. I feel certain we would have had to return Lucy, our Boxer/Boston Terrier to the shelter had we not gone through your program. After my daughter adopted Lucy from a shelter we discovered her behavior was unmanageable. She jumped on people incessantly, she nipped at our hands when we pet her, she ran inside the house constantly, she chewed on shoes and furniture and barked for no apparent reason. My daughter and I were both frustrated and ready to take her back to the shelter. As a last resort, I agreed to take Lucy from my daughter's home and into my home for a six-week period while she attended the Bare Basics class at The Canine Learning Center, Inc.. In my heart I didn't have confidence that the classes would help, but I thought I would feel less guilty when I returned Lucy to the shelter. I am happy to say that I couldn't be more wrong!! Six weeks later to the day, I am writing this with a big smile. Lucy is lying on the floor next to me, curled up in a ball, resting quietly. Lucy and I have just graduated from your program and if I didn't know better I would swear I've come home with a different dog. She no longer leaps and darts from one couch to the other, she is so much more obedient and overall appears to be a happier dog - she is a joy to be around! My in-laws came to town last week and had not seen her for a couple of months, they were amazed at how differently she behaves. Initially, my husband was frustrated with her and the idea of keeping her was completely out of the question. Midway through your program my husband changed his mind and we have now decided to keep her permanently. You have taught me how to be a better pet owner and have given Lucy a good home to live in!   Thank you Leah for your dedication and hard work. You have changed our lives and Lucy's life for the better! .....................Nancy Atkinson (6/23/03)

Valkyrie2_resized.png (34887 bytes)

I wanted to say thanks for all the help with Valkyrie.  She is a much better trained friend and pet for the training at Canine Learning Center.  Your training helped me to better understand my dog and to address issues unique to her breed.  Her strong will and potential have posed challenges and enjoyment.  Your experience has been much appreciated and valuable.  Thank you for imparting your wisdom and for sharing with us resources for an ongoing relationship with Kyrie.  I would highly recommend your training classes to anyone who has a dog.  Regards, Ned Gilchrist 12/21/02

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Bella & Meg.

Mark & Melissa Bryant 12/01

Hank Nash 2004 (format change to JPEG High Quality).jpg (45316 bytes)Thank you for all your help. I never knew how much classes could help. Andy, Desiree and Hank Nash.. 2004


Thank you so much for transforming Barkley from a terrified puppy to a more self-confident, friendly dog.  When we first brought Barkley to you, we admit that we were skeptical.  We did not believe that it would be possible to bring her as far as she's come.  At the time we thought, "If we can get her 50% better, we'll consider this a success."  She went well beyond that.  Your techniques have brought Barkley as close to "normal" as anyone could have ever imagined.  Barkley, who used to cower when strangers came by now actually walks up to them, sniffs and even nuzzles their hands.  She's even improved around other dogs, on occasion inviting them to play.  With your help, we have a much happier, safer home - for both people and animals. Again, thank you.  Jennifer Wewers and Mary Ellen Waiting  3/13/02

Rio Smith edit 2.JPG (44983 bytes)Dear Teacher Leah,

Good Afternoon. I wanted to thank you in writing for the six weeks of foundation (puppy class) that you laid for myself for training Rio--especially in light of your medical condition. I greatly admire your drive, dedication and patience in teaching owners of dogs for the ultimate well-being of the dog to strengthen the healthy bond between human and dog. I look forward to your next session of classes!
Yumi, Jason and Rio Smith 3/05


Rommy cobb (Cropped).png (173977 bytes)Romulus went through his first 9 weeks of puppyhood essentially without human contact. Because of this, he was both afraid and aggressive with people. But Leah showed me how to build his trust.  Leah had patience, and without her help, we would not be the happy family we are today.  Romulus  has really warmed up to me and also to visitors and is behaving very well. He is now playing with a Yorkshire Terrier as his friend. Hard to believe, huh?    I  recommend Leah to everyone I know who has a dog - because she gets results!  Susan Cobb 10/31/02

Izzabellerev.png (229000 bytes)I just wanted to say thank you for all that you did for Izzabelle. We
learned so much from your class and I really enjoyed going. Your dedication and care for the dogs in the class is truly remarkable. I appreciate all that you have taught us and Thomas and will continue to work with her at home. Izzabelle sends her regards!

Kristi Rosenthal 11/03

Molly - Thank you for teaching me how to be a good girl so I didn't have to walk "The Green Mile".  Molly Morgan 6/02 (owner Phil Morgan)Molly jumping.jpg (51696 bytes) 

Update 3/05 : It is hard to believe that only a couple or so years ago Molly tried to bite you when we decided to try and put a prong collar on her.  She now loves almost everybody, is very social and really enjoys competitive agility.   We both are having fun but I should have started this before reaching (and exceeding) senior citizen status.  She is patient with my mistakes.

Ollie - After several recommendations by well-meaning rescue groups to consider euthanizing Ollie because he was "unadoptable", I was referred to you.  ....I will never forget the first night we came to the Canine Learning Center.  Ollie was showing his usual out-of-control behavior by pulling me all over the room and being unable to sit still - .just a ball of constant motion!  ...He has gone from not being able to sit still longer than five seconds  to doing sit and down stays consistently for several minutes.  He now listens and obeys voice commands and I no longer need the Gentle Leader for walks in the neighborhood.  Thanks to your help, my whole family quickly changed their opinions of him and were amazed by how well-behaved and calm he has become.  Thank you so much for helping us break through the layers of anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, aggression, disobedience and obsessiveness that we now see as a sweet, endearing, loyal, lovable, goofy, happy, energetic and enjoyable companion.  We cannot thank you enough!              Gratefully, Stephanie Smith & Ollie 9/00

I can't tell you how much Vrooka & I enjoyed your class.  Within minutes of meeting my future dog I saw tremendous potential & also potential for problems.  Although I have worked with dogs for many years, I knew I had a lot to learn.  You & your class have given me much insight into my dog & myself.  I have learned the answer to many of the "why" & "how" dog owners ask themselves every day.  You have helped me address Vrooka's problem issues & as a result she is turning into the best companion I could ever hope for.                                    Tracy Wilhoit & Vrooka 6/01

Macy - Both Michael and I wanted to express how impressed and satisfied we are with your personal and group training.  As you know, Macy, our 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier, had not been well socialized and had some significant fear and aggression issues.  ...Macy's breeder had heard of your methods and success and recommended that we give you a try.  We were immediately drawn in by your clear understanding of behaviors and your patience in explaining how best to deal with them. You did not promise a 30 minute quick fix but outlined for us what has been a most effective approach to modifying Macy's behavior.  Your excellent assessment skills coupled with your patient and humane methods have resulted in a dramatic change in Macy's behavior.  She has developed more confidence in dealing with new people and animals.... You are truly an outstanding and remarkable professional in your field.                    Sincerely,  John M. Ford, MD, MBA

Thanks to Lily (resized).png (275751 bytes)Thanks for the GREAT experience!  Bella is my third dog, but this training was different than I'd ever been through.  I feel closer to her than I did to my last dog. 

Chris Owens & Bella 5/00

jackson_and_darla web (resized).png (232173 bytes)I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me and Jackson (and Darla) over the past year.  We've learned so much - especially me!  I especially like how you treat each dog  individually, taking into consideration their personalities and specific needs.  Its really been good for us.  

    Robin McCausland & Jackson 3/00

Mud and Ladybird (Cropped) (Copy 1).jpg (26391 bytes) (Mud's on the right, Ladybird is on the left) 

Mud and Ladybird - Since you know Mud's personality, I think that you will appreciate my heartwarming story about her sensitivity to human emotion and the way that she cares for her caretakers.  My daughter's potential sister-in-law became seriously ill while visiting Atlanta and was in the hospital. This potential sister-in-law was accompanied by her 17 year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy and slight autism. The daughter, Jessica, is always happy, but has the developmental maturity of a 10 to 12 year old. Jessica had to accompany them to the hospital. After observing the EMT's work on her mother, she was upset. Mud took care of her apprehensions. She began to cuddle with Jessica and played directly into the characteristics of autism. As Jessica went to different rooms or seats within a room, she would command, "Mud, Come!" which Mud did. She was even more delighted that Mud would obey her with "Sit, Down Stay, Shake", etc. She was not at all worried about her mother anymore. She was just delighted with Mud. Mud got quite the workout! One of Mud's jobs is obviously to keep people happy. Now that she is 2 1/2 and she is calmer, I can see the potential for Ladybird to be the same way....    

 Jane Benson.  9/04

I wanted to write and let you know how much our obedience training with you has meant to me, Scooter (pictured) and Cricket (and  the rest of our family as well).   As you know, when I signed up for your classes with Scooter over 2 years ago, I actually believed that there was some little magic trick (or word) that would give me an obedient dog. To be honest, I was not prepared for the hard work and dedication it took.  When I realized there was no magic, I  really was not sure we would make it through puppy training, much less advanced home manners.  My husband said both Scooter and I were ADD!  I certainly, at the very least, was not a natural at dog training.  Your abilities, knowledge and communication skills persuaded me to practice, practice, practice and to expect 100% effort and attention from Scooter (and later from Cricket).  Attending your classes was better than magic.  I know that I could never have attained the relationship I now have with my dogs without dedicated obedience training.  And, there was an unexpected reward, I have learned a lot about myself in the process! I wish you great success in your business.  The services you provide can help build a life long relationship between dogs and their owners, as well as assist owners in leading their dogs to reach their full potential. Thank you.      Madge Orr 12/01

The best thing we have ever done for Pepper was obedience training.  Thank you, Leah for helping us to turn this excitable rescue dog into a beloved companion

                                    for our family.  

         The Middletons 12/01

Thank you so much for what you've done for Droopy & Scooter & me.  I would never have developed the relationship I have with each of them without you.  I know that both of my dogs are much happier than they ever would've been without your classes. Because of you we have many happy & well-behaved years to look forward to. 

 God Bless! Kristie, Droopy & Scooter Riddle 12/99

We all enjoyed the classes and are so happy we enrolled.  I can't imagine living with Gunny without your guidance and we are very grateful for your expertise.  Thanks again, Cheryl and Ken Cory and Gunny   1/29/03

Dan and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work during the training of both Buzz & Simba!  I am so glad that I took the opportunity to train Simba.  I have learned so much from you and him and I cherish the relationship I have with him! Thanks again for all your hardwork and dedication!  You know we'll be back if we ever get another dog, but 2's enough for now!  Love, Tracy and Dan Smith 12/21/02

Shelley McMahon grads (resized).jpg (43336 bytes)Madison is on the right, Buttercup is on the left.  

Madison & Buttercup - On 4/99 Shelley wrote:  My husband and I had set up our picnic near a large sand pit....home to an abandoned rotty puppy. This puppy was extremely hungry (she ate my whole sub sandwich) and thirsty.  When it came time to leave, the puppy followed us to our car.... It was at the vet that I had to face a difficult decision.  Madison had shown strong signs of aggression.  My vet advised that she could turn this aggression on my other two dogs, or even me.  I was given the option of putting her down or taking a chance...Terrified...I sought the advise of the dog trainer I had utilized for my black lab.  Leah Spitzer, I had observed, had a strong sense of commitment to dogs and if she felt Madison could be turned around, I was willing to try....There are all kinds of thoughts on the best way to train a dog...but Leah believes in the salvation of their souls....Madison graduated from Basic and Advanced Home manners.  She has not demonstrated her aggressive behavior in over eight months....Her one year anniversary is coming up in July.  I, for one, am delighted.  Shelley McMahon  **Update 12/04 - Madison is still doing well and Buttercup, the youngest, is now a graduate as well!